Problems To Be Avoided While Installing Stone Tiles

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Using stone for floor and walls is an old practice. With each passing year the demand for natural stone is constantly rising. People want natural stone to grace their home. But, at the same time every work comes with a risk factor and problems of its own; so does stone installation. It has some problems that can come as a surprise to home owners. It is better to know about these things beforehand to be able to either avoid or cope with such problems.

Source of the stone:

We all know that stones extracted from some part of the world are better than others. So it has become frequent to prescribe stone extracted from a particular part of the world. Reputed manufacturers and sellers of floor tiles Melbourne will provide you with the best product. But, small manufacturers who have less expertise in international trade find it tough to reach the prescribed material directly. They work through a third party and the process takes more time and the cost goes higher. Working with such manufacturers makes the process a complicated one.

Delivery time:

From the extraction point to the destination, the journey may face some unwanted delays. The delay in the delivery may due to lack of international trade expertise and poor production planning. So, always choose reputed traders of stone and wall tiles. Check this website to find out more details.

Wrong selection:I

t can be termed as wrong selection or wrong delivery. In many cases, other kind of stone is delivered rather than the selected one for the project. In fact, the delivered stone does not match with the price paid thus making the project a complicated one.

Lack of surface treatment:

Any kind of stone, like Limestone or Marble, needs surface treatment, like anti-graffiti, nonskid and sealers. These are done for a long term aesthetic aspect of the stones. But a wrong application or lack of application shorten the aesthetic aspect of the stone.

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