Architect And Contractor Relationship Defined

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With focus on constructing a building, the process of involving architects and contractors capable of understanding teamwork and the ability to communicate clearly can be highlighted as a key aspect in successful completion of any project. The relationship is defined through the final outcome of the completed structure where all aspects detailed within a plan are completed with minimal changes in an optimum manner.Understanding the roles between the two parties individually is vital in order to parallel understand the relationship and the process involved in construction. 

Architect Role

With a majority of construction projects progressing with the initial step of design and planning involving the investor and architect, information pertaining to all aspects are communicated and understood in various angles to fulfil various needs and requirements. Imagery involved in the initial stage along with awareness of investors aesthetic taste and information concerning minute detail is considered in progressing towards initial steps of design. Subsequently post discussion with the investor and approval of all design aspects, blueprints are completed and provided to the contractor or good builder Dromana.

Contractor Role

Within residential or commercial construction processes, the contractors are in complete control of the implementing, organizing and building stages. With ordering of material required prior to initiating the construction phase, coordination with investor or property owner in discussion and agreement of completion timelines on various stages are agreed to progress. Overseeing completion phases with close review of blueprints following designs provided by the architect for larger projects and home builders Mornington peninsula progressing without the communication phases regularly for significantly smaller projects are standard operational processes followed. Timelines being a mandatory aspect to be monitored in progressing towards completion, ongoing communication is established in solving issues and revising schedules in the case of change encountered between the 3 parties as required.


With communication being an important aspect, both parties regularly exchange information pertaining to phases and intention of investor in completing construction to desired levels and achieving common goals. Issues arising are dealt in unison to rectify and progress as complications are a general aspect experienced within construction. Experienced contractors are desired by architects involved in design phases due to relationships established in completing projects focused on investor goals previously.

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